Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Skincare saviours

I am forever fighting a battle with my skin, although it doesn't cause me trouble with excess oil or dryness i am always fighting a complexion issue. My skin type is normal but is also very prone to blemishes which i am constantly trying to tackle. In recent months i've really got into skincare as beforehand i was a face wipe and moisturiser kind of girl *hangs head in shame*. Since upping my skincare game my skin has improved a lot, but i have also accepted i am just one of those people who will never have great skin.

Here are the products i use on a regular basis to try and aid my problem skin:

Origins Out Of Trouble mask- I use this 10 minute mask a couple of times a week, or more if needed, to help with blemishes across my face. I apply this all over, leave for the recommended time and remove with a warm flannel.

Superfacialist Tea Flower Deep Clean Pure Purifying Clay Mask- I'd read that clay masks are good for drawing out the impurities from your pores, resulting in all the nasties being removed from your skin. This is the newest addition to my regime but i like to alternate using it with the previous mask. I feel this clay mask gives a deep clean rather than just tackling visible blemishes. I once again apply all over the face, leave for around 5 minutes and remove with a warm flannel.

La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo- I wrote about this product when i purchased it a while ago and since then its become a regular in my routine. I apply the gel-like product on problem areas every morning and evening before moisturising and it has helped keep angry breakouts and bay, and i find blemishes calm down a lot faster when i've given them a dose of this!

Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash- I use this once a week after cleansing to give my face an extra clean. A tiny bit of this goes a long way as it froths up when you start working it onto the skin. I'm not sure if this aids my blemishes but it leaves your skin feeling squeaky clean and deep cleaned.

Origins Super Spot Remover- This is my second bottle of the stuff, and although you pay a fair amount of money for a 10ml helping it does last a long time. I apply a tiny dab of this onto individual blemishes  as a final step in my routine, i don't use it everyday, only when really needed. I find this reduces angry blemishes quickly and doesn't dry out the area which i have found to be the case with previous spot treatments.

I am not claiming these products give me amazing skin, but they have helped a lot with keeping my skin on track!! Can any of you recommend any of your holy grail skin saviours?


  1. I just love origins they do beautiful products and the smell really is amazing haha :D I love the GinZing eye cream! Lovely picks here xx


    1. The orange scent of the moisturisers is amazing! The GinZing eye cream is a favourite of mine too x