Thursday, 27 March 2014

Product empties

Over the last couple of months I’ve turned into a packaging hoarder, not because I couldn’t bare to part with pretty or luxurious boxes, but because I wanted to keep track of products I’m using up. I can’t remember exactly when this stash dates back to, but I think it’s around mid January time.

Firstly the most boring products: Cotton wool pads and deodorant. These are clearly the items I get through pretty quickly, infact my current stash is also getting low. I always buy the Boots round cotton wool pads which I use for my morning and evening skincare routine, they don’t disintegrate or leave bits of fluff stuck to your face which is probably why there are 4 packs in my empties stash.

The next not very exciting essential is deodorant, I clearly need to start buying bigger bottles! I don’t have a brand I’m loyal to so tend to try various ones, although I am about to come to the end of another Right Guard can.

In terms of body and hair care I’ve used up a bottle of Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair & Care Coconut Conditioner, which I used as shave cream after hearing they work as a better alternative than actual shaving products. I tried this one as I thought the coconut would be moisturising for the skin, and the silky smooth conditioner would give a smooth shave- and I was impressed!
I’ve also used up Right Guard Shower + Oils, there has been a lot of hype over the benefits oils can bring to your hair so when I saw this shower gel contained Argan, Marula and Almond Oil I had to try it out for my body. And I would definitely re-purchase.
I came to the end of my V05 Nourish My Shine shampoo and conditioner, although I forgot to hold onto my empty shampoo bottle! These are super affordable and smell really good, although I can’t say I noticed much difference in terms of shine. But I would pick them up again when in need of budget haircare.

And lastly, onto the face. That sad day occurred when you come to the end of your Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, but luckily I had a spare ready and waiting as I’d loved using this product so much.
 I’ve recently got into face masks, hence the 2 Lush pots. The small one was Catastrophe Cosmetic but I found this a little drying for my skin although it claimed to help with blemishes, so after some research I went back and brought BB Seaweed which suited me much better. I love the Lush fresh face masks, although some people find putting the chilled, thick product all over your face a bit strange, I find them really natural and calming.
And finally, my Maybelline The Falsies Waterproof has seen better days, I liked this mascara a lot so re-purchased but made the error of not buying the waterproof formula. My new one now leaves some smudges under my eyes which isn’t a good look, so I will make sure I purchase the right one in future!

What products has everybody else been using up?

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