Sunday, 26 January 2014

Packing tips

Tomorrow morning I’m heading off to London for the week, I’m really looking forward to it as it’s been a few months since I was last in the big city. I’m going to stay with my Dad which will be really nice as I haven’t seen him since way before Christmas, and I’ll hopefully be catching up with some Uni friends too!

After I got in from work this afternoon I made a start on my packing as I hate organising what I’m going to need, especially as I’m a major over-packer. I always take far too much wherever I go and instantly hate myself for it when I’m juggling my big handbag and suitcase. So today I decided to get the majority of my skincare and other bits and bobs together so I know everything I need is in one place, and can be thrown into my case in the morning. I always seem to forget something beauty related when I pack as I go, so I’m hoping by getting it together in advance I’ll be more prepared.

My packing stress reaches a new level when it comes to clothes, I find myself wanting to take a variety of coats, handbags, shoes and accessories to cover all eventualities, which is quite frankly unnecessary. So this time I have stuck to the basics, in fact I think this is the fewest clothes I’ve ever packed! And aside from the outfit I’ll be travelling in I’m just taking another pair of shoes and one coat. That’s acceptable right?

I still have a worryingly long list of last minute things to organise in the morning, but I feel pretty confident they’re essentials. The kitchen sink is an essential isn’t it…?  


  1. Packing can either go horribly wrong or just right! Hope you have a lovely time!

    Mon Petit Billet

  2. Ooo wow I love everything you packed! Great blog i'm really enjoying reading it

  3. love what you packed! have a lovely time x

  4. I always over-pack too! Have a fab time in London! xo

  5. Why do we never learn haha? And thankyou x