Tuesday, 28 January 2014


Apologies for blogging being rather slack this week, i'm spending the week in London so have been a bit busy. Well when i say busy, i mean shopping and eating. Yeah that's pretty much all i've done. Yesterday i hit Oxford Street which usually stresses me out due to the amount of people and almost overwhelming amount of shops, but it had been so long since i'd been i put my stresses aside and got straight in there!

I actually didn't intend on buying too much stuff, but looking back that was a really stupid thing for me to think. How can i resist the choice here?! So things got a little crazy and i ended up with far too many things that are definitely NOT going to fit in my suitcase to go home. Everything i have brought (so far) is fashion and beauty based so i'm thinking of doing a bit of a haul when i get back home?

And as for food i have already consumed (it's only been two days) Ben's cookies, Pinkberry, Lola's cupcakes and Krispy Kreme. OHMYGOD I FORGOT HOW AMAZING BEN'S COOKIES ARE. And tomorrow i'm heading out to partake in yet more shopping so i expect some more damage will be done in terms of naughty food and other purchases.

So for now i'm going to enjoy my last couple of days in and around the city until i return back home, boooooo.

I couldn't resist some mini Oreo cupcakes

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