Sunday, 23 February 2014

Weekly Loves #2

This week i finally got my hands on the Topshop All Sorts boots. I've had my eyes on them for a while, but resisted due to having purchased a fair few pairs of chunky black boots throughout the season. But my willpower diminished and they ended up coming home with me. I've worn them a couple of times already, and they go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe so i know i'll be getting a lot of wear out of them!

Lush is a dangerous shop, you can enter with no intention of buying anything, yet leave with a bag full of goodies. Well this time i didn't end up with a bag full of products which is quite an achievement, it was just the Ocean Salt Scrub that ended up in my basket. I think i have a decent selection of most skincare products, but a face scrub is something i was lacking, which is why this caught my eye! Firstly it smells AMAZING, it's so fresh and citrusy as it contains lime and grapefruit. You only need to apply the tiniest amount to your skin, and the salt gradually dissolves into an ultra moisturising cream leaving your face feel clean, yet not dried out.

I have a candle obsession. I have so many in my room, and even spare ones stashed away that i couldn't resist buying, but have no where to display them! I love the smell of Yankee Candles but they're pretty pricey, and i can't always justify spending £20 on one. I recently discovered the Yankee Candle oil burners which you use to burn their oil tarts. You place the tart in the top dish, and light a tealight underneath which gradually melts the tart, filling the room with an amazing scent. I've discovered you only need to break of a small piece of the tart as a little goes a long way, which means they last a really long time, and they are so cheap to buy. The same amazing Yankee Candle scents at a much cheaper price!

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