Sunday, 23 March 2014

Weekly Loves #5

So this week I turned the grand old age of 22, I know in the grand scheme of things this isn't an old age but to me it marks the end of the 'young' years. I think because turning 21 is kind of a big deal and an exciting age, this birthday just didn't excite me.

Having said that, this weeks loves is purely birthday based as i got some lovely treats from my friends and family.

On my birthday morning i was greeted by this monster chocolate cake which my mum had made for me by her friend, the picture doesn't quite do it justice size-wise but it is seriously huge! I'm always drawn to the pretty cakes that are decorated in pretty pink icing and delicate decorations, but my mum knows that chocolate cake is always the top of my list. This one is even decorated in some of my favourite chocolates.

On saturday night i headed out with a few friends which turned out to be a really fun night to say our local town is hardly the party capital. But if you drink enough wine, try not to stick to the floors and dodge the pervy 40 year old men you can have a good night!

As if the monster chocolate cake wasn't enough, my friend also got me a rainbow cake which i'd always wanted to try. It even came topped with Disney princess candles- he knows me too well!

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